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Senior Relocation Experience

- Moving

- Decluttering

- Downsizing

- Settling In

- Organizing


Custom Planning
- Establish needs and goals
- Determine budget
- Develop schedule of tasks

- Sorting of items to keep, donate or discard

- Manage consignments & donations

- Storage creation


- Arrange/coordinate packers & movers

- Space plan for new home

Settle In 

- Unpacking/placing furniture

- Organize bathrooms, closets and kitchens

- Hang decor and pictures


- Rearrange closets

- Install closet organizers

- Document shredding

Hoarding Relief

- Respectfully work with client to relieve disorganization and clutter to reclaim functional space and peace of mind

Property Services (to assist with living in current residence)

-Assist with minor changes to how you live in your current residence

-Installation of grab bars

-Furniture moved or rearranged for ease of accessibility

-Closets & pantries redesigned with new shelving

-Minor home maintenance and repairs

Inventory Services

-Detailed inventory of household items by line item with picture(s)

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