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Senior Life Logistics- Providing custom solutions to life transitions. 

About Senior Life Logistics


Kevin Brown has a passion for assisting the elderly through difficult residential transitions, whether making a move or changing how you live where you are. His experience includes coordinating senior moves, designing custom floor plans of current or new living space, unpacking/organizing new households, clearing out the estates and coordinating between multiple family members or stream-lining possessions to love where you live again. He also has experience with hoarding relief where clients have faced intervention by the local governing authority or landlord.


Because of his own caregiver's experience, this passion was ignited within Kevin to serve others needing similar assistance navigating a residential transition.  This passion combined with personal and industry knowledge oftentimes allows Kevin to anticipate the needs of his client's or their family members.

Why use Senior Life Logistics?  Having coordinated many aspects of moves for clients locally and in other states, we are not learning how to “do” our business with you and your possessions.  Additionally, we are bonded and insured for your protection.  However the main benefit our satisfied clients find is the peace of mind that comes from our all-inclusive approach to your transition.  Rather than juggling multiple companies and endless "to-do's", why not let us reduce your stress by becoming your 1-stop solution.  Let us handle all the details.  It would be our privilege to serve you by helping meet your goals.  After all, our job is to help solve your puzzle of a residential transition. 


Check out our Google reviews for client feedback. 

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