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Dedicated to Making Life Transitions Stress Free.


Senior Life Logistics provides these services with patience, compassion, and understanding:


Kevin Brown

Managing Partner

Senior Life Logistics


Kevin’s work in this field began in 2008.  Since then, he has helped many individuals and families with aspects of senior adult life transitions. Learn More


Providing Professional Services Tailored to Your Needs.


There are times in life when a transition is necessary. Whether the transition is a long time coming or the result of an unexpected development, the situation is often complicated and stressful. Our trained professionals will come alongside and offer guidance through the transition.


Our mission is to provide our clients peace of mind and eliminate or minimize stress during a transition.  How?  By focusing on the needs of our clients, developing a custom plan with budgets in mind that offers the best solution and then executing that plan following our proven process.   

For individuals aging in place, we support and assist them by installing grab bars, providing floor planning, (to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers), organizing solutions and other needed services around the home, such as minor home maintenance and repairs. 


How can we help?


"Due to some health issues, I used Senior Life Logistics for a move last year.  Kevin arranged for the movers, placed furniture in storage, as well as my apartment and insured the apartment was set up functionally for me.  Overall the transition was easy as I was able to trust him and had confidence in his abilities."

Laurice J


“It was a pleasure working with you. Your attention to detail is impressive.”

Paul K

"Thank you for taking your time to be so gracious and helpful to me during the move.  Such major events are nerve wracking at times, not to mention stressful and overwhelming!  I can't imagine what it would have been like to go it alone.  You two made it go so smoothly that I was able to actually rest at times.  

I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to declutter, donate, organize or move.  It is money well spent and the investment is worth the peace of mind and security of knowing you are well treated and taken care of!                                                                             Lynne B  

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